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Grande Dunes Real Estate Update
Spring is finally here and thankfully the pollen is disappearing!!  Great time to live at the beach!
After a relatively flat first quarter in 2015, we have experienced the benefits of what warm weather can bring to our market.  From April 1st to May 5th, we have seen the web & phone traffic increase significantly.  Which in turn has led to increased showings and no coincidence….contracts!
I would like to share 3 major accomplishments from my team at GDP.
During the April surge (past 35 days), we have written 14 contracts, truly an amazing feat.  The properties under contract range from the Marina Inn condos, Villa Firenze condos, homesites over the bridge and single family homes.  If you would like more information, simply reply to this mail.
As I was studying the year to date numbers, I noticed a second noteworthy achievement.  In 2014 there were 4 re-sale homes to close in GD over $950K.  They were:
Capri 23
MC 18
MC 158
RIV 75
In the first 5 months of 2015, we will have closed 5 re-sale homes over $970K.  The impressive part is my team is involved in every one of them!
Lastly, this year at Vista del Mar there have been 3 closings over a million dollars.  I am very fortunate to have been involved in ALL OF THEM! I would love an opportunity to discuss why my program is different from the competitors and how I can help you sell your home in Grande Dunes. 
If you take anything away from this letter, know that Grande Dunes Properties once again is leading the way in real estate sales in our neighborhood.  We market the community more than any other firm, have more exposure than any other firm, and our sole focus is selling this beautiful resort.
Have a great Mother’s Day weekend.
Your trusted advisor,
Jason Green

Spring 2014 Letter

From the desk of Jason GreenDays are getting longer, the temperature is rising, and the weather forecast predicts some sunny days ahead. Looks like Spring is finally here…I think. I wanted to share some exciting news, as well as share a trend with you that I am concerned about.For the first time in almost 7 years, we are releasing a new neighborhood over the bridge!! Villa Venezia, is a collection of single family homes with amazing golf and water views, as well as courtyard homes designed for private, upscale living. The timing is perfect as most of our inventory between 500k to 900k is in short supply. If you need any information (pricing, floorplans, views) please call me at 843-446-7195. As most of you know, I study this market (Grande Dunes) daily and look for trends that I can share with you. A trend that I saw back in 2008/2009 is starting to creep back in to the luxury market…and its pretty disturbing. Agents/brokers are telling sellers whatever they want to hear to get a listing in GD, and the end result is a glut of overpriced listings. A few glaring examples.1. An agent recently listed a waterway lot for $799k...the highest priced one to sell in past 5 years is $400k!! I’m all for pushing the envelope, but this is ridiculous.2. That same agent took a listing in Siena Park for over 1.2 million…most expensive home to sell in SP in past 60 months is $670k!! 3. Another agent priced a waterway home for well over 3 million…not sure if that market has ever existed on the waterway. Maybe back in 2005/2006, but we all know what happened next.4. Last example, a home in the members club just sold for over 900k…it came on the market March 5th, 2009 at double that amount!! Painful experience I am sure. The facts are that in 2013 there were only 6 sales over the bridge to close for over a million. Those homes were all loaded with upgrades as well as 100k plus backyards. Now we have almost 30 homes on the market over a million and growing! Be careful when hiring an agent/firm to market your home. Make sure you trust that person and they have had success and experience selling, specifically in this community. Ask the right questions, do your research…and remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Have a wonderful Easter, so much to be thankful for!! I look forward to hearing from or speaking to you soon as we make our way into Summer. As always, if you need additional information, please contact me. I am committed to being your Grande Dunes real estate resource and would love to be the solution to your real estate needs. Your trusted advisor,Jason